London Brunch Fest

Bonanza Peanut Butter at London Brunch Fest

Brunch Fest takes bow with Bonanza

Here at  Bonanza we were nutterly delighted to play a pivotal part in the inaugural London Brunch Fest, where visitors to the Old Truman Brewery were treated to samples of our fabulous new peanut butter before getting some pointers on how to use their peanut butter better with a masterclass talk from one of our founders.

When we heard about the first ever London Brunch Festival, we knew we had to be involved. What’s not to love about a two day culinary celebration, showcasing some of the most exciting and innovative foods and brands, hosted alongside a fascinating programme of masterclasses and talks, with coffee and cocktails thrown in for good measure?

So, as firm believers in the importance of spreading the word about good food and perhaps more importantly, big fans of having fun, we proudly signed up to be event sponsors. We’re pleased to report that in doing so we made a great decision. What a memorable and rewarding few days we had!

Over the weekend we welcomed what seemed like a never ending stream of enthusiastic food fans to our specially constructed stand, (we thought calling it the Bonanza booth or the Peanut butter bureau might have been a step too far!)  where we took great pleasure in handing out generous samples of our crunchy and smooth peanut butter. To say we were delighted with the response would be an understatement.

One of the best things about Bonanza peanut butter is the world of nutritious and tasty opportunities it opens up and it was an absolute pleasure to be able to share some of the inventive ways that Bonanza can be used during a masterclass session. It was a joy to send so many people away with new and fast ideas for their jar of Bonanza. If you weren’t at the event, fret not! Keep your eyes on our social channels for our latest suggestions, ideas and recipes.

The festival passed by in a blur of fun, excitement and inspiration. As a new, passionate event we felt that it was the perfect match for Bonanza, and in the end the festival passed by in a blur of fun, excitement and inspiration. The first London Brunch Festival provided us with the perfect platform to spread the word about our winning formula (high oleic and a pinch of sea salt!) and we’re grateful to the organisers and everyone that came to see us on the day and those that have been in touch since, but our abiding memory will be that of a brilliant weekend, spent with brilliant people - all of whom seemed to have great taste in peanut butter! We can’t wait to do it all again in 2019. We’ll see you there!

Bonanza Peanut Butter Micky Calcott Talk

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